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BoardShare and Daydream Education have teamed up to offer all new BoardShare customers an exclusive selection of fantastic curriculum-based resources for FREE! The software will help you maximise the use of your new portable interactive whiteboard; delivering a whole new teaching and learning experience.

The interactive Whiteboard Charts combine quality curriculum-based content and the latest technology to deliver a comprehensive yet easy to use interactive software package.

In addition to receiving a host of FREE resources, we are also offering you 50% discount on a selection of our interactive whiteboard chart packs!

Daydream Education’s interactive whiteboard charts provide a comprehensive and engaging way of exploring key curriculum-based content, combining clear and concise information with exciting and engaging interactive activities. The software contains easy to follow presentation screens to improve understanding, plus a wide variety of activities to reinforce learning and assess understanding.

Compatible with all interactive whiteboards, projectors, tablets, PCs and Macs, our ready-made content and activities can be easily incorporated into existing lesson plans, enabling teachers to fully integrate technology into every lesson.

No nonsense, just colourful and engaging content!

Packed full of presentations, notes, games and worksheets they provide for pupils of all learning styles and abilities, and promote both group and independent learning.

What are the key benefits?!

  • Easy-to-use for both teachers and pupils.
  • Clear and concise curriculum-based content.
  • Ready-made plenary, summary and starter activities.
  • Suitable for both personalised and group learning.
  • Caters for all learning styles.
  • Easily incorporated into existing lesson plans.
  • Intuitive.

Interactive Chart Screens

The interactive chart screens contain a wealth of curriculum-based content and interactivities to engage students and encourage whole-class involvement. All text and images in the software can be removed and revealed to control the pace of the lesson.
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