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How Classroom Decor Helps Students Learn

In an age where education is rapidly evolving, tried and true educational practices are being called into question left and right. An article by the New York Times discussed the effects classroom decor can have on students' learning. The article seemed to suggest that it is negative and that students might find it distracting. It also questioned whether students, particularly kindergarten students, might learn better in an austere environment.

The NYT article ended with a call to students for their feedback. Overwhelmingly, the students who wrote in said they found it extremely beneficial to have classroom decorations. This comes as no shock to teachers, who every year put painstaking efforts into decorating their classrooms to foster learning. So, how does classroom decor help students learn?

Improving concentration

By providing a stimulating environment for students to learn in, teachers are helping their students dial in, even when it is difficult for them to concentrate.

It stands to reason that students want an engaging and dynamic environment in which they can learn. The same is true of professionals. Many office spaces are transitioning away from traditional cubicles to open floor plans and flow-inducing design. Schools may not have the bean bag chairs and cappuccino machines, but they can have creatively and effectively used wall space.

Developing a culture of growth

Emotions go hand-in-hand with education. Letting students be in a place that fosters learning and develops a culture of growth before words are even spoken can greatly affect a student's performance. A great way to accomplish this is by putting educational material on your walls.

Now this may be obvious for chemistry teachers to have the periodic table, or anatomy teachers to have bone diagrams, but it’s not exclusive. Subjects across the board can make the classroom an environment that fosters education simply through posters on the wall. So, while pretty background colors, and scalloped borders are nice, consider adding in some curriculum specific content on your walls.

Creating an engaging learning environment 

The posters, pictures, decorations, and reminders tacked onto classroom walls around the world help to keep students engaged. They serve as a way to passively educate with informational posters, and to enforce rules and guidelines like lab protocol or classroom expectations.

Displaying colorful, educational posters in your classroom will help to enhance the learning experience, and ensure your whole class benefits from the engaging environment you’ve created.

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