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How to Maintain Classroom Management

Firstly, why is classroom management important?

  • It engages students:  Students who are engaged in lessons will be able to register the information better and be able to apply their knowledge when it comes to sitting tests/exams.
  • It keeps students prepared:  When teachers and students are prepared to learn, lessons and learning will be easier to be administered and the results will be more effective.
  • It boosts confidence:  In an effective classroom, teachers are able to give more attention to each student and structure lesson plans to meet certain needs.  All of these factors will help in boosting the confidence of students.


Now let’s take a look at what you can do as a teacher to help maintain discipline and management in your classroom.

  • Have rules:  It is important to have a basic set of rules for students to follow. These regulations will help maintain classroom management and discipline. These rules do not have to be anything advanced; they can be as simple as making sure that all students are on time for lesson and what the punishments are if they fail to do so.
  • Make the rules known to parents as well:  Student’s parents should also be aware of the management techniques that you are implementing in the classroom. You should ask parents to go over these rules with the students at home so that everyone is on the same page, and so that students know that their parents expect this behavior from them as well.
  • Be firm and consistent:  When you make your rules to manage your classroom, make sure that they are realistic and void of any inconsistencies. Approach the rules in a positive manner so that students do not associate any negativity with it. Feel free to reward students for their positive behavior when you see that they are contributing to effective classroom management.
  • Be professional:  An effectively managed classroom is conducted with professionalism and adequate structure. Students who are presented with a good authority figure who has a plan and follows it will fit in to the structure nicely.
  • Have a printed packet:  In case you are unable to attend class one day, make sure that you have a printed packet of your classroom management techniques handy for a substitute teacher. Your classroom should be aware that, even in your absence, they should still be able to manage themselves wisely and that all rules still apply. If students show structure and compliance in your absence, it will make both you and your classroom look well-managed and efficient.

Classroom management is essential, not only for a teacher’s piece of mind and in allowing them proper control over their classroom, but it is crucial for a positive learning environment for students. If you want to keep your students engaged as well as disciplined then it may be a good idea to see what our award-winning poster range has to offer!