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Intuitive and engaging curriculum-based apps!

Revolutionising tablet-based learning in the classroom!

Daydream Education Apps

Our fantastic range of Educational apps are intuitive, flexible learning tools that can be easily integrated into the classroom. Featuring a wealth of curriculum-based content, interactive features and engaging assessment activities, the apps provide teachers and pupils with an abundance of activities that cater for a wide-range of ages and abilities. The attractive user interface of the app provides the user with an engaging and inspirational learning experience and the learner-led content encourages independent learning but can be easily integrated with classroom teaching for blended learning.

Key Features:

  • Based on the new curriculum
  • Easily incorporated into the classroom
  • Great for independent and group learning
  • Contains differentiated assessment activities
  • Tracks achievement and progress
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  • Addition and Subtraction App

  • Multiplication App

  • Fractions App

  • Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percents App

  • Division App

  • The Solar System App

  • Human Skeleton App

  • Punctuation App

8 Item(s)