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The perfect study guide for the classroom and home!

Our Pocket Poster Study Guides are colorful and engaging. The guides simplify critical classroom content and topics by breaking everything down into easy to digest information that students can remember. The guides are perfect for students to learn and retain valuable information, improve their understanding and confidence within an area of study. Our pocket-size guides are the perfect alternative to large, heavy text guides. The guides will give students an excellent level of support when referencing and reviewing their work in the classroom and doing their homework.

Why our Pocket Posters are a good choice?
Pocket Poster Study Guides
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  • Math Elementary Pocket Poster Study Guide - Grades 3-5

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Pocket Poster Study Guides are colorful, engaging reference books helping thousands of students across the U.S in the classroom, with their homework, and referencing valuable information. These books are clear and concise reference books, breaking down critical classroom subjects into easy to digest bits of information. They are the perfect alternative to large, text-heavy guides of the past.

The visual, engaging designs are guaranteed to capture the attention of students of all ages, learning abilities, and teaching methods. They are ideal for quick reference in the classroom and at home, and for practicing before tests.

The Major Benefits:

  1. Based on the latest requirements
  2. The perfect assistance for the classroom, for homework, and referencing
  3. Colorful and attention grabbing
  4. Promotes independent learning
  5. Simplifies complex subjects

Starting at $3.99, Pocket Posters are very inexpensive tools for improving students' understanding while boosting their confidence.

“These books have made a big difference in my child's ability to learn and progress. The information is extremely helpful by using down to earth, techniques for learning.”

“My students are more engaged in the classroom. The colorfully designed books help improve student’s attention span in critical math subjects.”

“I use the Pocket Posters for references when I'm doing my homework. Everything is made so much easier to understand and helps me find the answers I'm looking for. I do not have to constantly ask my teacher for help.”