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Computer Science

Award-winning Computer Science resources designed to engage students and give greater understanding.

Daydream Education offers a range of colorful and informative Computer Science materials for essential topics such as Algorithms, Error Handling, Data Types, Software Development Life Cycle and The CPU which are designed to work alongside the curriculum.

Our eye-catching and visual materials will increase students abilities to easily recall essential information and make learning exciting and engaging. They will help break down the barriers of learning, and allow students to improve their understanding of Computer Science.

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    Computer Science School Posters

    Our visual and attention grabbing Computer Science posters have been designed to engage and inspire students. These charts are a great way to help students understand the scope and range of Computer Science while providing a bright atmosphere in the classroom.

    The posters combine clear and concise curriculum-based content with striking images and graphics to engage students and reinforce their learning skills.

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Computer Science Learning Tools

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is a complex field of study that goes beyond understanding hardware and software. Students of computer science must master data representation and abstraction; practice designing, developing, and testing algorithms; become deeply familiar with digital devices, systems, and networks; and gain an understanding of the role of computer science in the 21st century context. Computer science has had a dramatic impact on people’s everyday lives, and the field continues to advance. People who are trained as computer scientists can work in many different industries (banking, insurance, healthcare, etc.) and roles, including software engineer, IT architect, database administrator, and information security analyst. Some people confuse computer science with ICT, but the two subjects revolve around different aspects of modern technology. ICT focuses on best practices for putting to use the applications, networks, databases, etc. that computer scientists create, with the aim of using technology for communicating information in particular contexts, such as businesses and schools.

What are the Best Ways to Use Computer Science Posters?

Students beginning the study of computer science are introduced to a large amount of new terminology and many new concepts. Because the field is so specialized, practice and reinforcement is not likely to happen outside of class, making it particularly important for students to continually refresh their learning. Sharing computer science posters with your students is a simple way to make sure students have continued and easy access to vocabulary and ideas previously covered, even as they move on to new topics. For example, students who prefer independent learning can use computer science posters as reference points when undertaking classwork or homework. On the other hand, pupils who benefit more from auditory learning could review with a partner, taking turns reading from the posters' content. Alternatively, posters could be periodically passed out, and students invited to present to the class a review of the content of the poster they receive.

Why Should Computer Science Posters be Displayed in the Classroom?

Computer science posters are not just concise, informative summaries of key information that students need to succeed in computer science. They also can help to encourage your pupils to think through the theories and processes that underpin the various areas of computer science. When you examine them, you’ll see that the colorful design is not simply to attract the eye, but is used to group items coherently and show the relationships between and among topics. Computer science posters will help to engage your pupils as they review topics that they find difficult or help them prepare for midterm and semester exams by assisting their recall of topics from earlier in the course. By breaking down complex topics—such as system units, peripherals and network protocols—computer science posters can help to stimulate learning and ensure that all pupils understand the computer science basics.

Daydream Education

At Daydream Education, we provide school posters, study guides and apps for a wide range of subjects, from Computer ScienceMathematics and ICT, to MusicDrama, Geography, History and Science. All of our educational posters are designed in consultation with teachers and subject matter experts, which guarantees accuracy and relevancy of content. If you would like to order any of our posters, feel free to contact us today.