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Digital Literacy Interactive Software

See our Posters come to life with our Digital Literacy Interactive Software!

Daydream Education's Digital Literacy Interactive Content Packs combine quality curriculum-based content and the latest technology to deliver a comprehensive yet easy-to-use interactive software package. The software contains easy to follow presentation screens to improve understanding, plus a wide variety of activities to reinforce learning and assess understanding.

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ICT Interactive Software
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11 Item(s)

This software is compatible with all Whiteboards, interactive touchscreens and PCs. Our ready to use content and activities offer schools very versatile e-learning solutions that can be immediately implemented into any existing lesson plan.

Engaging and Colorful Content That Is Down To Earth:

Our software is loaded with presentations, notes, games, and worksheets. It breaks down barriers, helps students on different levels of learning and improves their study skills in both group and individual sessions.

The Benefits:

  1. Easy-to-learn for students and teachers alike
  2. Clear, concise classroom content
  3. Ready-to-use for initial or to recap information or final overviews
  4. Suitable for individual and group classroom sessions
  5. Serves all learning styles and teaching methods
  6. Easily implemented into existing lesson plans
  7. Intuitive

Interactive Chart Screens

Our interactive chart screens offer a wealth of course-based content and many interactions to engage students in classroom involvement. The software allows all images and text to be removed and revealed at a controlled pace that fits the lesson.

Quizzes: Interactive & Printable

The quizzes are perfect for testing a student's knowledge within a given topic that is covered in each content package. The multi-formatted quizzes are great for initial and recap tests, or finals. All quizzes can be used for an entire classroom of students or for individual independent learning sessions.

Fun Features

The fun features are designed to entice and encourage students to improve their learning skills through fun and friendly competition. Not all of these features are formatted the same way. This allows students to have a variety of evaluation alternatives.


Our ready-to-use worksheets will save teachers a great deal of preparation planning time and are perfect as evaluation tools.