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Award-winning English resources designed to enthuse and engage learners

Daydream Education offers a range of colorful and informative English language materials for essential topics such as nouns, pronouns, prepositions, adjectives, punctuation, sentences, paragraphs, forms of writing and spelling and are designed to work alongside the curriculum.

Our eye-catching and visual materials will increase students’ abilities to easily recall essential information and make learning exciting and engaging. They will help break down the barriers of learning, and allow students to improve their understanding of the English language and give more meaning to words, punctuation, writing, story genres and poems.

  • English School Posters

    English School Posters

    Our visual and attention grabbing English language posters have been designed to engage and inspire students. These charts are a great way to help students understand the scope and range of the English language while providing a bright atmosphere in the classroom.

    The posters combine clear and concise curriculum-based content with striking images and graphics to engage students and reinforce their learning skills.

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  • English Interactive Software

     English Interactive

    Our English Interactive Software combines quality curriculum-based content and technology to deliver a comprehensive yet easy-to-use interactive software package.

    The software is full of engaging interactive presentations, animations, assessment activities, and clear and concise curriculum-based content. They are exciting and engaging, and suitable for students of all learning methods and skills.

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English Resources for Schools

Why is Learning English in School Important?

Although English is the first language of most students in American schools, this does not mean that students already know all the elements of the language that will contribute to their academic and career success. Reading and writing clearly and coherently are key to success in every subject area, as well as in the world beyond schooling. Learning the elements of English is vitally important for both native speakers and ELL students, both for understanding and for communication. Good grammar, well-chosen vocabulary, and punctuation skills are also imperative for both schoolwork and future careers. Learning the correct use of capital letters, accurate spelling, and how to structure sentences all contribute to writing proficiency, and competency in written and spoken English is a key attribute sought by employers.

Why Should English Posters be Displayed in the Classroom?

Native speakers can feel that their language is so much a part of them that they do not require further study. Non-native speakers can be overwhelmed by details. In both cases, English posters with eye-catching designs, informative content, and attractive colors, can engage pupils with the content they need to learn or review. With an extended array of topics—from poetry to punctuation to proofreading—English posters can help to stimulate learning while contributing to school decor. Laminated posters can be written on and reused, providing applicable and relevant content that can be drawn on as needed—either as a refresher for material covered in the past, as preparation for an exam or standardized testing, or to assist with the preparation of a particular assignment. For example, the genre posters are useful guides when students have an assignment that requires them to write a newspaper article, a formal letter, or a sonnet. The posters that cover frequently confused words can be pulled out in response to errors in homework or reports, providing needed practice as soon as a problem is noted.

How can English Posters be Used in the Classroom?

Because text messages, tweets, and other abbreviated communications can dominate students’ lives outside the classroom, English posters can serve as helpful reminders of the expectations for standard English. For students using simplified spelling in extracurricular communications, for example, the English posters that focus on easily confused words (homophones) and spelling can help remind them of classroom expectations. Employed as teaching aids, the English posters can supplement primary texts in literature and composition classrooms, helping students to understand a wide variety of germane topics, including adjectives and prepositions, common suffixes, and conjunctions. Posters can also be used to introduce new material. For example, the poster on ' Sentence Rules' or 'Types of Sentences' could be utilized effectively to engage students’ attention prior to analyzing sentence structure in their reading or employing particular constructions in their own writing.

Daydream Education

At Daydream Education, we provide school posters, study guides and apps for a wide range of subjects, from Computer ScienceMathematics and ICT, to MusicDrama, Geography, History and Science. All of our educational posters are designed in consultation with teachers and subject matter experts, which guarantees accuracy and relevancy of content. If you would like to order any of our posters, feel free to contact us today.